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Sat, 7/10 - International headliner THE SPIRITUAL BAT @ The Cantab [Jul. 5th, 2010|06:57 am]
The Boston Livejournal Community


Less than one week from now, on Saturday evening, July 10th, DJ Mätthew Griffin & Dark Sky Productions will present the Lowlands U.S. Tour, featuring The Spiritual Bat (from Italy), Sullen Serenade (from Texas),
Dreamchild (from the realms of Grand Guignol-inspired gore and dark drama) and Amber Spyglass (from nearby, but hypnotically taking you far away), all at Club Bohemia at the Cantab Lounge.

The Cantab is located in Central Square at 738 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. The doors will open at 8 PM. The show is 21+, with an admission fee of a mere $10.00 – but tickets may be obtained for $8.00, in advance. Respond to this email if you wish to purchase some from Dreamchild...

At this not-to-be-missed event, Frank & Cheryl of Dreamchild will be performing their own arrangement of Nico’s Janitor of Lunacy, with Cheryl singing in Nico’s distinctive vocal range, but also expanding to an octave below, and soaring an octave-and-one-half above! This show will also offer the premiere of Catherine’s Haunts, a new Dreamchild song about the tempestuous and twisted passion of Heathcliff and Catherine (continuing even after death), a harp piece (only ever performed live once before), inspired by an absinthe vision of Oscar Wilde’s – and another, entirely unexpected cover song, over-the-top and wildly dramatic.

The marvelous and melodic Amber Spyglass will take the stage at 9 PM, followed by the theatrical insanity of Dreamchild at 10-ish, then Italy’s The Spiritual Bat at 11-ish (in the band’s first Boston appearance!), with Texas’ Sullen Serenade closing the night with a flourish. Whilst there, the Cantab has suggested that you might want to quench your thirst with a something from the bar, as you also drink in the marvelous sounds and riveting sights. So...do not be late, and take in all that your senses will allow!

Music of Ethereal Nightmares & Fever Dreams

Sleeping Flowers, Severed, Scream of Slaughter, Dreamchild’s double CD on Absinthe Soundworks, is currently available at:


Ms. Anderson Lynne Mar
Owner/CEO, Dark Sky Productions
General Manager, School of Rock (http://www.schoolofrock.com/boston)
Email: OTHNIEL77@yahoo.com